Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun With Mannequins - Antonio Melani Means Business

We here at TrashDolls take our work very seriously, and are always dressed for success.
One of our favorite trends this spring is taking that sexy-secretary look and turning it CEO
with some bold, sophisticated (yet decidedly girly) details.
Antonio Melani does it right!

Step aside, boys- let the real professionals handle this one!
Left: 'Blythe' blouse ($99) with 'Berta' skirt ($99).
Right: 'Carolyn' blouse ($109) with 'Perch' skirt($119).

Every eye in the board-room will be on you in this one!
We adore the layers of tight ruffles and the stand-up collar on the 'Carolyn' blouse!

The corporate ladder didn't stand a chance, girl!
Black sateen, classic tailoring, and a traditional collar make this piece sophisticated,
while the mix of sharp and soft ruffles and the mesh veiling
the cap-sleeves keep this one away from the boys' club.

Here's a detail of the 'Berta' skirt you might not have noticed-
a slate and white plaid pattern keep the black 'Blythe' blouse lightened up-
less funereal, more 'take on the world'!

Ready to rock your next big conference?
Antonio Melani is a Dillard's exclusive brand and can be found in stores
nationwide, as well as at

(photos taken on Android, by the author)

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