Monday, February 20, 2012

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xox Laura

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celebrity Style Inspiration

TrashDoll rule #1 - draw inspiration from anything and everything!
Who have we been admiring, you may ask. Well let me tell you.

Amy Lee (singer of Evanescence) is not only
talented, brilliant, and gorgeous, but a hell of a style-icon!
We tried to describe Amy's style in one word, but we couldn't do it, so here's a list:
versatile, fearless, gothic, elegant, punk, pixie, timeless, fierce, REAL.

Here's Amy onstage. We love the tutu, we love the
charm-necklace, we love the jewel-tones with her coloring!

One thing we love about Amy- the way she takes a trend and makes it her own.
This tiered skirt is definitely on-trend, but give it a romantic touch
and pair with stockings (complete with runs- a gal after my own heart!),
and you've got a look that's 100% Evanescence.

Quirky punk touches keep her elegant, goth-goddess style playful!
We love this romantic pink skirt with the striped tights!

This black-widow keeps her soft-side on her sleeve!
Lovin' the pink touches with this layered ribbon top.
(And Amy, WHERE did you get that necklace?! WANT!)

This mix-n-match of patterns makes my lil heart happy.
A full, flowing skirt is updated with a checker pattern and a funky top,
and of course, these red-tones are a killer on Amy's porcelain coloring!

Monochrome taken to a whole new (and glorious) level!
Amy layers shades of white and cream with varying textures and structures,
completing with pretty pearls, taking the bridal look and running wild with it!

This make-up look is so insanely soft and pretty, while still keeping
that romanti-goth enchantress look alive and well.

Amy goes from fresh-faced to fierce so easily! Love the single-focus make-up here
(keeping the lips almost bare and keeping the vivid color and sharp
details to the eyes) and the new take on heroin-chic!

One thing about Amy- she's never been afraid to mix textures to create a one-of-a-kind look!
The cut-off tee, exposed cami, and lace top-layer come together seamlessly, with a long,
layered necklace. Just add sneer to complete this look.

Amy Lee is our favorite faerie-gal! The multi-colored tulle tutu paired with the
glitter-tights and subtly shimmering top can't help but remind us of pixie-dust!

Carpe Noctum, my dears! (That means 'seize the night', for those of you who
didn't flunk out of Latin in high school.) Amy's look here is divinely dark,
with her jet hair smooth and taking back smokey-eyes for us night-owls.
(One can never have enough black eyeliner- that's TrashDoll rule #2.)

Even in a seemingly innocuous sweater-dress, Amy makes this one all her own
with some stunning accessories! This intricate choker is definitely on our wish-list!

Candid-Amy is a bit more skater-chic than goth-goddess, but we love it anyway!
(Still digging those jewel-tones on her, and check out the layered bracelets!)

Amy combines modern punk-rocker with elegant black-widow. Bondage pants and
graphic tee are fun, youthful pieces, while the leather under-bust corset and sheer, shredded,
lace bell-sleeves on her undershirt are more reminiscent of King Arthur's Guinevere.

Amy Lee meets Amy Brown! The outfit from the Billboard Music Awards looks like something
straight off one of Brown's faerie illustrations, made of gossamer spider-silk and starlight.
(Forgive me while I get poetic!) Love the layers, love the covered-uncovered look of her
sheer top, love the twilight-colors, and as always, LOVE the corset!

Amy looks like the perfect fairy-tale heroine here! The details of the
cream top, the black lace shrug, the red hair-ribbon, the dark smokey-eye...
Add piano and candlelight, and this look is just plain flawless.

Check out Evanescence's new album and keep an eye out for more
ethereal rocker-girl style from the one and only Amy Lee!

xox Laura

Found Style - Annie's Antiques

Saturdays are our favorite!
This weekend was spent treasure-hunting through the local junk-shops,
going in search of some rare, vintage, and quirky fashion fun!
We found our jackpot at Annie's Antiques on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland-
check out some of the treasures we picked up!

Spent $10.50 on this vintage beaded clutch-
it's in great shape, and the gold tones were
just too awesome to pass up!

Looky at the details in this beading, and not a single one out of place or damaged!

$5 for this chocolate-brown bag with skeleton-key design! I'm smitten!

Wooden bangle with pumpkin, chocolate, and black plaid design = $2 well spent

A treasure I (reluctantly) had to leave behind.
Brand new suede Express jacket with multi-color floral design,
and Annie was only asking $45! A steal- if you're a size 5/6, check it out!

On top of the endless crates of jewelry, Annie's is also home to a collection of
high-quality knock-off Coach bags ($25+), some well-kept vintage furs (WANT!),
and a pretty spectacular hat that the boyfriend wouldn't let me buy (yet).
If you find yourself in the magical Land of Cleve, Annie's is definitely worth checking out!

Annie's Antiques
10018-24 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland OH 44111

We <3 vintage/second-hand/independent-designer style!
Not only will you find pieces that no one else will have,
but every dollar you spend helps independent business-owners
and feeds your local economy!
Shop Local, TrashDolls-In-Training!
xox Laura

(photos taken on Android, by the author)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun With Mannequins - Antonio Melani Means Business

We here at TrashDolls take our work very seriously, and are always dressed for success.
One of our favorite trends this spring is taking that sexy-secretary look and turning it CEO
with some bold, sophisticated (yet decidedly girly) details.
Antonio Melani does it right!

Step aside, boys- let the real professionals handle this one!
Left: 'Blythe' blouse ($99) with 'Berta' skirt ($99).
Right: 'Carolyn' blouse ($109) with 'Perch' skirt($119).

Every eye in the board-room will be on you in this one!
We adore the layers of tight ruffles and the stand-up collar on the 'Carolyn' blouse!

The corporate ladder didn't stand a chance, girl!
Black sateen, classic tailoring, and a traditional collar make this piece sophisticated,
while the mix of sharp and soft ruffles and the mesh veiling
the cap-sleeves keep this one away from the boys' club.

Here's a detail of the 'Berta' skirt you might not have noticed-
a slate and white plaid pattern keep the black 'Blythe' blouse lightened up-
less funereal, more 'take on the world'!

Ready to rock your next big conference?
Antonio Melani is a Dillard's exclusive brand and can be found in stores
nationwide, as well as at

(photos taken on Android, by the author)

Monday, February 13, 2012

All You Need Is LOVE!

Nothing to wear for that hot V-Day date tonight? Not to worry, sweetheart!
We at TrashDolls raided the racks at Dillard's for our favorite flirty finds,
flawless for any Valentine's Day endeavors! Check out the radiant reds and pretty pinks!
We guarantee you'll make a little love in these babies!

Every gal deserves roses on Valentine's Day! Get yours in this
Nine West floral-print dress ($46.90, originally $134)

MM Couture (by Miss Me) dresses it up in this strapless micro-print! ($88)

The ever-classy Lauren by Ralph Lauren satin sheath dress-
we're falling in love with this silhouette! ($108, originally $180)

Never take romance to seriously, girls- what's love if not fun?
Play up your playful side in this Jill Stuart taffeta bow-dress. ($198)

Jill Stuart nailed our favorite pink in this faux-wrap dress!
Sexy, without trying too hard- just the way we like it. ($298)

Show your softer side in this super-femme Jessica Simpson one-shoulder dress.
We are simply smitten with this blush-rose tone and lacy detail! ($148)

Got something more eventful planned? Hailey by Adrianna Papell has you covered-
in a rich and wonderful wine-shade! Enjoy your night out, gorgeous! ($170)

A less formal take on Hailey by Adrianna Papell's love-affair with a cabernet color-
we love the rosette-detail dress with sheer black stockings and some killer heels! ($99)

O, Gianni Bini- how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...
1- This two-tone 'Whit' chiffon panel dress is making us swoon! ($138)

2- L'amour est enfante de boheme!
(That's 'love is a gypsy child' in the language of love, girls!)
This 'Carmen' inspired piece certainly never knew any law!
(Gianni Bini 'Verruca' dress, $37.80, originally $108)

3- The Scarlet Letters will most certainly be L-O-V-E in Gianni Bini's red lace 'Gavin' dress!
Can't get enough of this vivid shade that will definitely last the year
(if not till death do us part)! ($128)

4- Sweet Caroline! This antiqued-burgundy lace dress is gonna be a life-long love-affair!
Classic color, stunning silhouette, and a deep scoop back, just to show off.
Good times never seemed so good! (Gianni Bini 'Caroline' dress, $34.40, originally $98)

For the mod-mami! With geometric angles, a sexy shape, and rich, vivid reds
from Malbec to rose, The French Connection's 'Sonia' colorblock dress is a heart-throb! ($128)

How cute are you, miss thing?! You may not have a sweetheart yet, but you will soon
in this Chelsea & Violet sequin-striped piece! We adore the watercolor effect, the
amazing colors, and that lil bit of shimmer never hurt anyone! ($82.80, originally $138)

'Love is the prerogative of the brave,' my dears- be bold in this rich rose number from
BCBG Maxazria. The details are a traffic-stopper, but it's the strong silhouette that
makes this one a heart-eater! (draped one-shoulder cocktail dress, $258)

They may call it 'Kacy', but we call it a modern Aphrodite! Antonio Melani updates the Greco-Roman look without losing the soft, sexy, romantic appeal in this true-red satin piece.
Go live your myth, girls! ($62.65, originally $179)

Happy Valentine's Day!
xoxox Laura, of TrashDolls

Soak Up The Sun...

ME: "I absolutely cannot justify $80+ for a bathing-suit, as little as I swim!"
JAIME: "Yeeeeah... But see, you can..."

And this is why she's my favorite bad influence!

Here's what I'll be rockin' at the beach this year, if I can get my hands on 'em!

Hurley's Saltwater 5" Boardshorts, in "Flannel"
($39.50 at

paired with a cute girly top in black, like this Ruffle Sweetheart bikini top by Alex Marie
($59 at Dillard's or

No, I cannot surf- my aquatic abilities extend as far as boogie-boarding-
but dammit I can pretend, and look pretty foxy while I'm at it!
Here's to warmer weather, friends!
See you seaside!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Menswear Inspiration

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sperry Top-Sider's Spring Nautica

Perfect Day For A Picnic

Golden Years