Monday, May 7, 2012

StyleShots: Jaime Evans

Jaime is rockin' cuffed daisy-dukes and cut-off leopard sweater (both her own).
We love this retro-chic vibe for a laid-back summer look-
whether you're going to a festival, on a road-trip, or just chillin' with friends,
this comfy get-up is effortless-cute for every day this season!

Photographed at The Heller Building, Cleveland OH, by yours truly- Laura.


Hey Dolls!

I would like to apologize for my slacking lately; I haven't been posting near as much as I would like due to some personal craziness. (The boy and I are in the process of relocating from Cleveland to Columbus- my hometown- and things have been quite hectic!)

Please forgive me if posts are sporadic over the next six weeks or so as we move, make the transition and settle in, and keep an eye out for updates here at TrashDolls and @TrashDollStyle on Twitter!

xox Laura