Sunday, February 19, 2012

Found Style - Annie's Antiques

Saturdays are our favorite!
This weekend was spent treasure-hunting through the local junk-shops,
going in search of some rare, vintage, and quirky fashion fun!
We found our jackpot at Annie's Antiques on Lorain Avenue in Cleveland-
check out some of the treasures we picked up!

Spent $10.50 on this vintage beaded clutch-
it's in great shape, and the gold tones were
just too awesome to pass up!

Looky at the details in this beading, and not a single one out of place or damaged!

$5 for this chocolate-brown bag with skeleton-key design! I'm smitten!

Wooden bangle with pumpkin, chocolate, and black plaid design = $2 well spent

A treasure I (reluctantly) had to leave behind.
Brand new suede Express jacket with multi-color floral design,
and Annie was only asking $45! A steal- if you're a size 5/6, check it out!

On top of the endless crates of jewelry, Annie's is also home to a collection of
high-quality knock-off Coach bags ($25+), some well-kept vintage furs (WANT!),
and a pretty spectacular hat that the boyfriend wouldn't let me buy (yet).
If you find yourself in the magical Land of Cleve, Annie's is definitely worth checking out!

Annie's Antiques
10018-24 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland OH 44111

We <3 vintage/second-hand/independent-designer style!
Not only will you find pieces that no one else will have,
but every dollar you spend helps independent business-owners
and feeds your local economy!
Shop Local, TrashDolls-In-Training!
xox Laura

(photos taken on Android, by the author)

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